Nevada NOW is the state chapter of the National Organization for Women. Along with our local chapters, we are a 501 (c) 4 membership organization. We work on issue advocacy through education, voter mobilization and volunteering on campaigns. By state law, our state and local chapters cannot provide funds for preferred or endorsed candidates, so we formed a separate political action committee (PAC) to provide endorsements and funds for those who support our feminist goals

The Nevada NOW Political Action Committee identifies, interviews, endorses and funds feminist progressive candidates for local and state level executive and legislative office. By state law, the PAC can receive donations from anywhere in the USA, regardless of NOW membership.

The Nevada NOW PAC cannot endorse candidates for federal offices such as President or Congress, but it sends recommendations from the state PAC to the National NOW PAC for its consideration and decision. Federal candidates should contact their nearby local NOW chapter leaders who will be consulted as the state PAC decides on these recommendations.

We ask that candidates support and promote NOW’s core issues.

Passage and Enforcement of the Violence Against Women Act, Reproductive Rights and Justice, Economic Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights, An End to Structural Racism and Discrimination, Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment

Nevada NOW PAC Fundraiser Brunch


We are excited to announce the revival of the Nevada NOW PAC!

Please join us to celebrate the launch of the PAC at a brunch fundraiser on July 28 at 10:00am. We will have food, drinks, and festivities. To RSVP or get more information, go to our Facebook event or send an email to Address provided upon RSVP.

In 2018, Nevada made history as the first female-majority legislature. This legislature made incredible strides and passed great legislation. It is our hope with the PAC that we can continue the progress we have made by electing even more feminist and progressive candidates.

Feminist candidates result in feminist legislation. We want to do all we can to send feminists into office. Please join us at our inaugural event for the 2020 campaign season. We hope to see you there!